Clinical Research

Various research projects, at academic and commercial research institutions, use MCC’s assessment tools for subject recruitment and for sample classification. High classification accuracy improves study sample characteristics and leads to improved outcome analyses.

Our proprietary clinical database contains extensive information including risk factors, diagnoses, longitudinal memory performance scores, medications, and stage progression for patients across a variety of demographic profiles. Analyzing this data can identify various correlations, patterns, and treatment effects that might open new insights into the mechanisms and treatments for Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

Our proprietary scoring methods can often be applied to existing, external datasets. With advanced scoring methods, analyses of such datasets can isolate meaningful effects from noise in the data to yield stronger conclusions.

We provide various data analyses and consulting services. These services include scoring neuropsychological data (CERAD, ADAS-Cog, and other data) with sophisticated algorithms to reduce noise and discern subtle treatment effects. Our analytical services also include customized analyses of our proprietary clinical database to answer specific questions about treatment effects across carefully specified populations.